Gazpromneft-Total PMB LLC is located in Moscow, Russian Federation and is part of the Petroleum Refining Industry. The company was formed in 2013 in Joint venture with Gazpromneft and Total for production of A NEW GENERATION OF POLYMER-MODIFIED BITUMENS (PMBS) UNDER THE G-WAY STYRELF at the Gazprom Neft Moscow Refinery — the first facility in Russia producing bitumens of this kind and for the production and sales of crude oil and refined petroleum products.

Thanks to the use of patented technologies of chemical modification, the Styrelf new bitumen binders a make road much more resistant to cracks and ruts, even with high traffic loads over a wide temperature range. The service life of road coverings constructed using PMB G-Way Styrelf, is significantly longer than that of roads made using traditional binders.

Raw materials for G-Way Styrelf PMBs are sourced from the bitumen facility at the Gazprom Neft Moscow refinery — fully reconstructed in 2012, with production of bitumen materials increasing to 1.7 million tonnes per year, and atmospheric emissions decreasing by 90 percent, as a result.

To produce the polymer-modified bitumen G-Way Styrelf line, at the Moscow oil processing plants, we organized a modern production facility. We created a technological process and service chain in such a way as to ensure prompt delivery of materials to customers

The joint venture Gazpromneft-Total PMB LLC uses the best international practices for the construction of high-quality world-class roads in Russia.

Production is undertaken on the basis of Total’s Styrelf technology — a process which involves the addition of a special binding agent (PAXL) which results in additional bonding at the molecular level, meaning road surfaces are built with bitumens far more resistant to cracking and fracturing, even under significant traffic loads and under widely ranging temperatures.

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