Exploration and production

Strengthening and developing the resource base is one of the major objectives of the company. A solid resource base stabilizes productivity in production of the aimed volume of products. The company implements important volume exploration projects, expands the portfolio of licenses showing a firm reserve of oil and gas

During exploration, the Company pays serious attention to the use of modern equipments and technologies, and support of operations by research and development institutes also design institutes that make it possible to increase productivity.

The Company is dedicated to ensuring production volumes that permits it to maintain a balance between economic efficiency and rational use of mineral resources.

The Company maintains the production levels at developed fields and effectively creates hard-to-recover reserves. At the same time, the Company effectively creates promising fields developing new centers of oil production.

The Company, over the past years, has maintained a stable level of production aimed at the improvement of oil recovery factor which is best in the country.

  • Bitumen (Polymer Modified Bitumen)
  • high-octane gasoline Euro 5 92 RON and 95 RON
  • Straight run gasoline (naphtha)
  • Diesel fuel Euro-5 (DT-L-K5)
  • Diesel fuel (D2)
  • Jet Fuel (TS-1)
  • Jet Fuel (A1)
  • Gas condensate
  • Petroleum coke
  • Liquefied petroleum gas
  • Granular sulfur
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