Occupational safety

Its Gazpromneft-Total PMB LLC’s goal to create an accident free environment for all of our employees.

One the main focus of the Company is health and security in the workplace. The company’s employees are trained to execute their works safely without risk to health.

In executing the applicable Russian rules and regulation on occupational safety, the Company implement focused activities for the improvement of systems targeted at accident-free operation, healthy and secure working environment, preventions of occupational disease and injuries at work.

The occupational health and safety management system is developed and implemented in order to:

  • Prevent accidents, injuries and occupational diseases
  • Acquire competitive advantages in the industry,
  • Improve stability at the company,
  • Improve the social climate,
  • Form the company’s labour protection culture.

Labour protection

The company looks after the well-being and safety of its workers and their families. The company furnishes bundles of the social benefits and insurance to its employees. These provisions are implemented by means of collective agreement, which is jointly concluded between Gazpromneft-Total PMB LLC and its employees and pensioners of the company

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