Social responsibility

Gazpromneft-Total PMB LLC, shares the same principles in social responsibility with the leading Russian corporations, which are embraced in most advanced countries, and looks to implement them in all areas of its activities.

Gazpromneft-Total PMB LLC social policy is built on a balanced cooperation of the workers interest, regional residence, community as a whole, also shareholders in stringent compliance with rules and regulations.

Seeking an active progress and productivity, the organization infuse ways in solving community problems, also actively involved in developing national arts, education, social support and healthcare.

The Company’s focus in the community of its existence is to stabilize and nourish socio-economic state prospects.

The Company seeks to maintain and generate job opportunities by means production development in the community of its existence.

Labour protection

The company looks after the well-being and safety of its workers and their families

Occupational safety

Its Gazpromneft-Total PMB LLC’s goal to create an accident free environment for all of our employees.

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